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Restaurant china kicks major butt! I love it! I have loved restaurant ware since 1996. I started this virtual museum to share my interest in, and part of my collection of, hotel china, restaurant china, and railroad china. My absolute favorite is Syracuse China. I know alot of visitors to this site are fans of Tepco China, Wallace China, Sterling China and Jackson China. Wherever possible, I have tried to include some factual information as to dates of manufacture, some company history, etc. As of July, 2003 I am rebuilding the site and you might find some pictures or pages missing while I do this. Bookmark it and come back! This is an ongoing process and I welcome any and all participation from those with similar interests. Feel free to email me any time.

The big six companies of collectible restaurantware

Jackson China

Shenango China

Sterling China

Syracuse China

Tepco China

Wallace China

A page list of most of the companies that manufactured and distributed restaurantware, pages based on styles or themes and general links.

Adobe Ware by Syracuse China

Airline China

Bauscher China

Best China by (Homer Laughlin)

Buffalo China

Caribe China (Sterling China)

Carr China

H.F. Coors

Desert Ware by Wallace China

Econo Rim by Syracuse China


Globe China


Grindley China

Hall China

Homer Laughlin China

Inca Ware by Shenango

Iroquois China

Jackson China

Lamberton (Scammell China)

Shenango China

Shenango Inca Ware



Mayer China

D.E. McNicol China

US Army Medical Department China

Old Ivory by Syracuse China

O.P.Co.---Onondaga Pottery Company (Syracuse China)

Railroad China

Royal China

Scammell China (includes Lamberton)

Shenango China

Shenango Inca Ware

Steamship China

Sterling China

Sterling China's Caribe China

Syracuse China

Syracuse Adobe Ware

Syracuse Econo Rim

Syracuse Old Ivory

Syracuse trend

Syralite by Syracuse China

Tepco (Technical Porcelain And Chinaware Company)

Reprinted Article About Tepco On The E.Z.Smith Web Pages

Unknown China (no backstamps)

United States Navy China

Victor China

Walker China

Wallace China

Wallace China Desert Ware

Warwick China

Westward Ho by Wallace China

Wellsville China

Western Themes and Barbecueware

Contact list for companies still in business

Kathleen Lathom's Collection

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Tepco China Confucious Coffee Cup

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